Andy Alesik, 10 November 2004

As far as many of you may consider the meaning of "Togakure Ryu", here´s the answer:
Togakure Ryu is the school of the hidden door. A secret order of assasins serving the
court of the shogun and founded in old Japan, also known as "Ninjas".

So why do german students have to tell a story about old Japan? Isn´t it a fact that they would
probably misunderstand everything concerning that time and people?

Yes, they do. They do probably misunderstand everything.
Actually we don´t want to represent Japan in that century, even if we try. We just want to tell
a story about a hero, created and animated in CG. We cannot skip or missout some
basic elements of that culture indeed, but the ugly truth is, we have no idea of what´s goin´
on there. We want to put the viewer completely out of reality and out of facts he´s familiar with.
The viewer should be exposed to our understanding of telling a story about a culture, that
is far away from us. The viewer doesn´t want to learn anything when he´s watching a film, he
just wants to be fascinated and believes in what he´s viewing. (That´s what I suppose.)

How can two persons create a film like that?

They can´t. There are many other persons, who have helped us with criticism, advancements.
By the way, we want to thank everyone making this possible, even those, who never helped us. The continual improvements are our comprehension of working out something.
We wont give up for the reason that something is not possible. But we will give up some
scenes if they doesn´t reach the story.

So the story doesn´t seem to be very complex. There´s a man, who want to revenge. Gets in
trouble with some soldiers. Coaches his daughter. Certainly wins at the end?

You don´t win, when you want to revenge. Actually you loose. Getting in trouble with some of
the hardest japanese fighters of that 15th century could be fun or even weak, but not when
your ten year old daughter is around you. It´s not intent to show how hard a father can handle the situation when his wife is murdered, but how vulnerable he becomes and how indiscriminate. By the way, I hate happy ends.

The father is killed at the end?

Won´t tell you. His daughter asks herself, if he will act with deepest determination, when he sets against them. You will find it out, when you see the end.

When do you plan to complete that film? Don´t you have those problems with rendering, lighting, etc.? And how long will it be?

Of course, we have many problems. We do a lot of tests and compositings to reduce rendering-times. But in fact, the rendering itself is not the problem. The main problem is for example to hold the line with camera moves, story-telling, at least all those things, that make Togakure Ryu special. We plan to release a newer version of the trailer for December 2004 with about 11 new scenes. To tell the whole story it will take until fall 2005 and be about 15 minutes long.

Well, I think Togakure Ryu is special. Mainly because it´s full CG-animated and of course brings something we have been missing for the last years.
I hope you will continue in that way and we expect a kick ass trailer in december 2004.

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Andy Alesik (26) and Markus Feder (28) are studying mediadesign at the Georg Simon Ohm University in Germany.

The course of studies is to be intended to fine-tune the skills of recent design and art concepts. For information please visit http://www.fh-nuernberg.de or